Allocation Plus Series


Strategy Overview

Seeks to provide the benefits of broad diversification through risk-managed asset allocation strategies across a range of risk-return profiles via an SMA structure.

Allocation Plus Series Strategy

Strategy Summary

In asset categories where active management offers minimal alpha, passive ETFs are used. Inverse or short-biased exchange traded funds (ETFs), cash or long ETF equity positions are utilized to scale equity exposure within a range for each model, which shifts fixed income net exposure conversely.

Strategy Objective

The strategy invests in actively managed mutual funds and passive ETFs across five models that range from conservative to growth. Each model seeks to provide exposure to nine asset classes to mitigate risk, including US equities, foreign developed equities, foreign developed equities, emerging market equities, fixed income, real estate investment trusts (REITS), master limited partnerships, commodities, alternatives, and cash.

Portfolio Managers

Tom Samuelson, CFA, CMT
Chief Investment Officer
Kendall Dilley, CFA, CMT
Portfolio Manager

Strategy Information

  • Inception: August 2015
  • Category: Allocation - 70% to 85% Equity
  • Structure: Managed Account (SMA)

Strategy Family – Asset Allocation

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