Dynamic Yield


Strategy Overview 

Seeks to provide risk-managed income sourced through dividends, interest income, and royalty payments coupled with moderate long-term growth of principal via an SMA structure.

Dynamic Yield Strategy

Strategy Summary

Risk management is achieved through:

  • Broad diversification across asset classes
  • Dynamic adjustment of the equity and fixed income portions of the portfolio
  • The use of opportunistic ETF hedge positions to further address equity, credit, and interest rate risk

Strategy Objective

Seeks to provide risk-managed income with a total return goal of 3-5% above the long-term rate of inflation over a full market cycle.

Portfolio Managers

Tom Samuelson, CFA, CMT
Chief Investment Officer
Kendall Dilley, CFA, CMT
Portfolio Manager

Strategy Information

  • Inception: August 2015
  • Category: Allocation - 30% to 50% Equity
  • Structure: Managed Account (SMA)
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