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Separately Managed Accounts

Navigating Markets with Customized SMA Portfolio Strategies that Seek to Outperform

Our Strategies

Our mission is to provide investors with a highly customizable, sustainable pathway to steadier returns through tailored programs. Our risk-managed SMA strategies offer investors peace of mind and prevent emotion-based decisions during inevitable market downturns.

A separately managed account is a highly customizable investment portfolio comprised of securities, including stocks, bonds, and cash owned directly by the investor. A professional firm or investment advisor manages the account.

The SMA Advantage

Customized Investment Portfolios

Every investor has unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizons. Our diversified strategies are designed to meet our client's individual needs by investing in the best combination of strategies to help them meet their long-term financial goals.

Tax Smart Planning

Our SMAs offer investors greater control, flexibility, and the ability to help reduce taxes and promote after-tax returns.

Insight and Transparency

With SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts), investors own the stock directly, which offers greater control and real-time insight into how their investments are performing.

Professional Management

For investors who lack the resources of time, energy, or expertise to manage their investments, SMAs provide professional management while still offering investor control and transparency.

Risk-Managed Diversity

Our separately managed accounts are structured to include a diverse range of investment options within a risk-managed framework, creating greater diversification and managing equity exposure while seeking to reduce downside risk.

Vineyard offers 12 fee-only, actively managed, including hedged and long-only investment strategies via separately managed accounts.

Our Separately Managed Account
Investment Strategies


Strategy Family – Equity

Strategies that seek to outperform their respective benchmarks by investing in a portfolio of  securities that offer above-average total return potential.


Strategy Family – Income

Strategies that seek to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle by investing in a diversified portfolio of income producing securities.

Asset Allocation

Strategy Family – Asset Allocation

A series of asset allocation strategies that provide risk-managed portfolio solutions across a range of risk-return profiles in both qualified and taxable versions.

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The Vineyard Tradeoff:
Lower Highs & Higher Lows

Most risk management measures come at a price, but we believe it's a price worth paying. In exchange for the costs associated with protecting Vineyard portfolios from significant downturns, we may give up some upside potential. The result is portfolios that tend to experience "lower highs" (i.e. that do not typically achieve the maximum market performance in an up market), but also "higher lows" (i.e. that do not fall as much as the overall market during a severe downturn).

Our Approach

Steadier returns over time help keep our clients on track toward meeting their personal financial goals. Knowing there’s a plan in place to address risk gives them peace of mind, helping them avoid costly, emotionally-driven decisions when volatility strikes.