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Drew Graser

Drew Graser

Director of Distribution

Drew Graser is a seasoned financial expert with over 26 years of industry experience across esteemed financial institutions. He has consistently demonstrated remarkable dexterity and innovation in relationship management, business development, and strategic growth.

As the Head of Business Development and National Accounts at The Retirement Advantage, Inc. (TRA), Drew was instrumental in driving success and aligning distribution strategies with the company's goals. He oversaw all aspects of retirement advisor development and product partnering strategies within the Broker-Dealer and RIA Channels.

Before joining TRA, he held several distinguished positions, such as Director of Portfolio Solutions at ETF Action, where Drew played a pivotal role in the firm's growth. His outstanding track record continued during his tenure as the Managing Director and Head of Sub-Advisory & Intermediary Distribution at Rothschild & Co. During this time, he skillfully managed and expanded assets under management in the intermediary, OCIO, and sub-advisory markets for the firm's U.S. equity strategies.

His leadership at renowned institutions such as Principal Global Investors, Citigroup Asset Management, and Dreyfus have left an indelible impact on the sub-advisory and intermediary markets. His deep industry knowledge and strategic acumen promise to help shape the future of VGA's portfolio of risk-managed SMA strategies.

Drew holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). He resides in Philadelphia with his wife and three children, where he finds joy in family travel, golf, and pickleball.